"The Clarinet Concerto in A Major K. 622 was the perfect opportunity to showcase the instrument and the superb musical talent of Simon Cole.
This is an example of hearing orchestra and soloist enter into a musical conversation. Played in three movements, the music seems familiar by dint of its survival since 1791 and because of its association with movies like Out of Africa and, more recently, The Kings Speech. Understandably popular, this pretty, appealing music affords an opportunity for the clarinet to stand out and be truly appreciated for its dulcet tones. Particularly during the adagio, there was a reassuring sense of serenity in the notes.
The sweet clarinet sound led the orchestra through the movement. "  V.Gilles Citizen(2011)

appreciative standing ovation acknowledging Cole's interpretation (Mozart clarinet concerto)
Giles Citizen (2005)

[clarinetist Simon] Cole and [flutist Don] Bond brought to the audience a most amazing tribute to Fryderyk Chopin, composed by Canadian Ronald Royer
Free Press

The highlight of the evening was Aaron Copland's clarinet concerto  played by guest clarinetists Simon Cole...Simon Cole a talented local musician is at least of national standing and possibly world class. As such he produced some beautiful sounds from the clarinet that really showed off both his and the instruments capabilities
M.Nash PG This Week
"Kelowna)well-loved pianist, Arnold Draper,with two of Canada  shining stars, Simon Cole
 Jasper Wood

the clarinet concerto by Aaron Copland and it was performed spectacularly by Simon Cole...Cole demonstrated his excellent musicianship in the very demanding cadenza...this was the highlight of the evening
A.Murray Prince George Citizen

Simon Cole played Weber concerto#2  a piece of amazing technical demand, it was played with incredible precision at blinding speed and was a personal highlight
D. Anderson Fort Nelson Daily News


Simon Coles playing of the Nielsen Concerto was virtuosity of the highest order with impeccable tone and technique Cole remained in complete command of the work<\\/em>
Clive Keen Prince George Citizen

Cole performed a stunning Rondo on the saxophone ( Haydn Gypsy Rondo)
McBride paper

One of the finest moments for me in many a concert came when Simon Cole , Principal clarinet took a marvelous melody out from behind the curtain and filled it with mystery and led us into a wonderfully moving conclusion
Keen Citizen

Simon Cole got a standing ovation for Weber's concerto #1. the audience response when the piece ended was instantaneous
Bruce Citizen

"The Alban trio played warmly Cole and Wood were admirable..and turned in a rousing performance to great acclaim
Charles Velte Kelowna Courier
Then followed Parto, parto, ma tu ben mio\\u201d from La Clemenza di Tito Melanie Nichol sang deliberate phrasings over the melodic notes of Simon Cole's clarinet. Plaintive emotion and longing are exquisitely expressed through that instrument.
Bruce Citizen 2013

A fantastic clarinetists, most of the worlds great Orchestras do not have such a player
W. Kushner Berlin philharmonic

Simon Cole has every ability and quality a musician could want
Noam Sheriff Conductor, Israel"Talented and gifted, using the clarinet to express and communicate

Richard Stoltzman clarinetist\\/recording artist


Kalinsky Duff proved to be a beautiful piece of music
Fort Nelson daily News

An impressed audience gave the (Irish) symphony a standing ovation.
Bruce Citizen

(Rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra
the audience was taken on roller coaster ride of swiftly changing moods and tempos that showcased Cole\'s breathtaking technique on clarinet. They were rewarded with a stunningly beautiful coda with the clarinet playing a gorgeous melody of long notes in the highest range.
Bruce Citizen.

The Spirit of the One Song  arts reception and grand performance was an amazing
showcase of local talent culminating in a feeling of community that spread
throughout the theater space Citizen

I particularly enjoyed your rhapsody for clarinet, keep on composing!

Pamela Weston one of the world\'s foremost researchers and writers on the clarinet Author of "Clarinet virtuosos

I listened to your rhapsody for clarinet BRAVO!!!
Richard Stoltzman clarinetist\\/recording artist.