I consider myself to be a self taught composer. I use my many years of orchestra and chamber music playing (I have been a working professionally as a clarinetist since the age of 15) and much study to inform my compositional style. I had the usual formal musician training but it deserves no credit for the musician I am today.

I believe music should speak to the time it is composed in, that it should even in it's darkest moments have beauty and that it need not depend on superficial effect.

I live and travel by choice in the Northern part of BC it's landscapes, history and spirit are a great influence on my work.

Most of my works receive repeat performances.

My latest works (2013-2017) include:


  • A Northern suite ( this was originally the score to an animated movie) for chamber orchestra. 20 min
  • PG places a series of chamber pieces depicting places in the downtown of Prince George. 15 min
  • Trio on northern themes for violin clarinet and piano 20 min
  • Score for Canfor interactive exhibit \"The air we share\"
  •  Homestead  20 min
  • Birth of a City 2016 20min
  • Dark Forest 2016 performed by the Toronto Symphony


I was awarded a major commission to compose One Song Universus. Canada council awarded the pgso a grant to tour with it and in 2010 the BC government recognizing the importance of this work awarded a $50,000 grant to form an entire festival around it. It has also been played 32 times on tour in it's quartet version. Other performed orchestral works include: The Irish symphony 1798 , My Dog overture,  Music for Social occasions, Rhapsody for clarinet, Adagio for clarinet and strings, Chamber symphony. I have also composed a number of chamber works and pieces for students .

 My orchestral work Kalinnisky Duff was recorded by the late great conductor Georg Tintner

I performed my Rhapsody for clarinet and piano as guest soloist for the International Clarinet Association.

My compositions  have been broadcast Provincially and Nationally on CBC.

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